Production Enhancement Services

Pichainavee is the team of the mix well combination both of skills and knowledge in the area of production enhancement. Over 20 years experiences multiple skills staffs and experiences such as Mobile Offshore Production Unit (MOPU), Well Unloading Unit (WUU), Booster Gas Compressor, Early production facility(EPF),Extended Well Testing, Sea Water injection mobile unit, and related to the Production enhancement method. Pichainavee intending to provide the services to recovery more production gains which against to limit to maximize productivity according to the existing facility bottleneck, Designs, or the gap of well’s behaviors.

Flowback equipment and service

We are provided Surface flowback equipment services package to support coil tubing operation during a well clean-up and recovery the production.

We better performed to prevent Coil flowback interrupted operation, removed solid return from a well, and quick turn-over a well to production. We offer our best services meet of your well requirements. 

Low Pressure production mobile unit and Blow-case Services

With the well condition limitation regarding to life cycle of a well, low GOR in the reservoir, low flowing pressure from a well which can not flow into existing manifold,  and high back pressure from the pipeline. They are the bottleneck system of the existing production process. To recovery the production from the low pressure wells the PCC’s Low Pressure production mobile unit (WUUC) is fill-in to the gap by grain the production from the low pressure wells and booster production pressure into client existing production facilities such as a pipeline, gas lift wells.

Mobile Water Injection Service

With the reservoir condition changing pressure decline and water drive mechanism depleted. The existing produced water process reaches the limit capacity regarding to life cycle of a well, high Water-cut in the production process. Those factors bring the production process into the bottleneck state.

To extended a reservoir life-cycle, to maintains the water drive mechanism, to de-bottleneck of the produced water process, to disposal produced water, and to turn west water resources from production process to valuable product the Mobile water injection unit is applied to solves those problems.

Mobile water injection unit is flexible for produced water and sea water injection by add some equipment to meet it’s applications.