Mobile Water Injection Service

With the reservoir condition changing pressure decline and water drive mechanism depleted. The existing produced water process reaches the limit capacity regarding to life cycle of a well, high Water-cut in the production process. Those factors bring the production process into the bottleneck state.

To extended a reservoir life-cycle, to maintains the water drive mechanism, to de-bottleneck of the produced water process, and to turn west water resources from production process to valuable product the Mobile water injection unit is applied to solves those problems.
Mobile water injection unit is flexible for produced water and sea water injection by add some equipment to meet it’s applications.

Our inventory of equipment designed meets American Petroleum Institute (API 14C) standards and enables us to safely meet all of your well requirements.
- Sea-water lift pump (ESP) and suspension
- Filtration system
- Pressurize water tank (Retention tank)
- Emergency system and shutdown valve
- Pipework and hose
- High water injection pump
- Workshop container
- Generator and instrument air compressor
- Chemical pump package

Mobile Water Injection Service