Company History

Pichainavee Corporation Limited [PCC] management has adopted as the corporate motto “Well Flow Solutions”, this motto describes our philosophy to build Customer Production Enhancement with the corporate relationship, and to realize continual progress

PCC developing competence team to support the motto “Well Flow solutions” which fulfill experiences, knowledge, work Safety manner and understand Customer’s work regulations. Where are experiences wide range of Well testing, Well service support and Production technologist


Company formed up name “Patcharin Engineering Limited” has consistently focused on Fabrication, Materials painting and Sand Blasting services.


Company developed NEW Core Business for Vessels, Tanks, Pipes and related to Hydrocarbon contains Equipment Cleaning & Decontamination services. At through provided process chain one stop services


Company renamed to “Pichainavee Corporation Limited” and extremely funding the capital to improving Oil & Gas Services business and implementation best customers support solutions through the operation support services are Surface flow back Surface well testing and production services


Pichainavee Corporation Limited [PCC] delivered better customer experiences in “Well Flow Solutions” for Oil and Gas upstream.

  1. Ensure all projects undertaken are of the highest quality and delivered in timely and responsible manner
  2. Increase the successful development Operations & Services with safe manner
  3. Never end Development of employment in specific sectors that are aligned with the area of opportunity
Strategic Objective
  1. Create Eco-system to drive the company business
  2. Open mind in Customer Co-creation
  3. Deliver better customer experiences
  4. Service quality and competency are the keys to success
  5. Maintain assets turn around with maximum utilization
  6. Build our team perform and talent deliver
  7. Build/accelerate steadily growth
  8. Retain firms customers relationship
  9. Encourage knowledge and repay to society
  10. Customer alway thinking “ We are second back yard to support their operations
Service Quality Management

Pichainavee Corporation Limited [PCC] is committed to maintaining a strong client focus with the aim of enhancing client satisfaction through the consistent delivery of quality products and services that meet all agreed client requirements

To meet our commitment, Pichainavee Corporation Limited [PCC] will :

  1. Provide employees with the capabilities, knowledge and resources necessary to deliver oil field professional competency
  2. Listen to our customers and supplier to build relationships to understand their needs. We innovatively apply, adapt or develop our technologies and services to deliver timely and effective solutions
  3. Manage all projects, products and processes through the Quality management system
  4. Communicate the Policy to all persons working for or on behalf of the company
  5. Measure, audit and review service quality and products performance against established objectives and targets
  6. Actively engage in the continual improvement of the service quality and environmental management system.

Certification: ISO 9001:2015 by Bereau Veritas

awarded :
Quality standard and management vision to strategy forward for ISO 14001:2015 in 2023

Pichainavee Corporation Limited [PCC]
as a partnership

We work with our clients to ensure our equipment is suitable for their application; our equipment can be customized to fit your application requiremens


Hiring equipment allows your business to cut unnecessary expenditure and free up your capital


Our team experiences are based of services support, outstanding the operation need and maintenance as needs from customer

High Quality.

Our equipment are fully conformed to customer and industrial regulations, to ensure safety standard is preceding and Terminate compromise of any un-complies

No hidden charges

By renting us you will obtaining the benefits of quality and safety of equipment and absolutely will no hidden fee or unanticipated costs

Workmen Skilled

Fully-trained to our workmen are continuing to ensure equipment is utilized correctly and maintained to the highest standards for you and your clients


Our network of servicing and distribution facilities is located in Thailand (Songkhla province) where is the middle of logistic hub in southeast Asia


We are constantly upgrading our assets and investing in new equipment, you can be sure that our equipment is fully compliant with the latest safety legislation

Quality Policy

Pichainavee shall service and products that consistently meet or exceed our customer expectations, complying with statutory and regulatory requirements at all times. By integrating the Core Values and Behaviours into everything we do we aim to continually improve our services and products, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Pichainavee is committed to:-

  1. ● Establishing Quality Objectives to identify, measure, monitor and communicate Key Performance Indicators against targets, allowing the organisation to continually improve services and products.
  2. ● Conducting periodic management reviews to determine and improve upon the effectiveness and efficiency of the Quality Management System.
  3. ● Identifying, implementing and maintaining systems of control of quality critical activities to ensure safe, effective and efficient work methods.
  4. ● Ensuring risks that can affect quality and product conformity are identified, eliminated or reduced, to prevent quality related incidents.
  5. ● Managing costs and preventing non-productive time (NPT) by adopting best management practices in order to promote continual improvement of our business processes.
  6. ● Understanding and satisfying both internal and external customers’ needs and expectations by developing robust management systems which improve performance and deliver customer satisfaction.
  7. ● Ensuring the development of employees’ skills by providing the necessary information, instruction, training and supervision required to achieve specified quality requirements.
  8. ● Ensuring that everyone working for Pichainavee is fully aware of their responsibility for quality and for ensuring all activities that may impact upon quality are performed in a controlled manner.
  9. ● Working closely with our customers and suppliers to continually develop and improve supply chains and partnerships that deliver mutual benefit.
  10. The organisation and arrangements for implementing this Policy within Pichainavee are detailed in supporting information.

Pichainavee Corporation Limited [PCC] facility is located in Singhanakorn - Songkhla province in Southern of Thailand where is the logistic-hub for Oil & Gas activity center.
We are set-up the facility to meet the business core values